David Wright on the question whether we should be engaged in activities that could be detrimental to humanity

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David Wright is the director and founder of Trilateral Research.

He has been a member of four ENISA expert groups and was a member of the DG Research Trust-at-Risk foresight group. David is also a member of the European Foresight Monitoring Network.

You can find out more about Trilateral Research and David Wright on the research website at trilateralresearch.co.uk or via Twitter @Trilateral_UK.


The following questions are multiple choice questions. More than one answer may be correct.

Which question is raised in spite of South Korea's killer robot program?

According to Wright, should countries accept Cyberattacks or respond/react?

According to Wright, which ethical question is raised when Cyberattacks will be confronted with counter-attacks?

What is the danger in case of not responding to Cyberattacks?