Stakeholder Values in Cybersecurity in Business

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Gwenyth Morgan is a PhD candidate in Cybersecurity & Ethics at the Dublin City University (DCU).

Her research envelopes key areas of business/finance, law enforcement and national security. And also, how to enforce cybersecurity in businesses without compromising autonomy.

You can find out more about Gwenyth Morgan on her Twitter account @ilovesmartpeeps.

Main Stakeholders

Who are the main stakeholders? (same order as presented)

Affected Values for Specific Scenarios

Choose the scenario that affects all of the following values:

Trust and Integrity

Privacy and Confidentiality

Accountability, Responsibility, Fairness and Justice

Accountability, Responsibility, Fairness, Justice, Trust, Autonomy and Privacy

Recommendations for Businesses

What are the recommendations for businesses according to the video?