Ethical Frameworks for Cybersecurity

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Michele Loi is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine at University of Zurich.

Currently he works on the project "Between Solidarity and Personalization – dealing with Ethical and Legal Big Data Challenges in the Insurance Industry" and CANVAS.

More information about Michele Loi and his work can be found on his web page for the UZH and his Twitter account @michele_loi_uzh.


Utilitarianism considers only the net cost of the outcome.

Regarding the second example answer the following questions:

If both options, A and B, are considered equal, what is the value of a patient's life? (only numbers without special characters)

What is the value of human life from a legal approach (USD for a son of two university graduates)? (only numbers without special characters)

Calculate the risk of option A, with the value of human life from the legal approach above.
From a utilitarian prespective, what option should you choose?

From a utilitarian prespective, what option is more valuable and needs to be prevented?